There are many items that we need - maybe you'd like to donate one or more of them:

  1. Fly Masks

  2. Rope Halters

  3. Grooming Tools - Brushes, etc.

  4. Horse Treats - either from the feed store - or carrots, apples, etc.

  5. Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - these are used as a feed supplement

  6. Large Plastic Muck Buckets

  7. Horse Blankets, Rain Sheets, or Fly Sheets

  8. Manure Forks and Brooms

  9. Paper Products - Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc.

  10. Hardware - nails/screws of all sizes, carabiners, clips, eye hooks, etc. 

  11. Raffle prizes or Auction items - any item that can be raffled off or included in an auction is a great donation

  12. Tack Sale Items - anything you might pick up from a tack sale, its probably something we can use - or if you have horse items that you're not using anymore, we can probably use them