You'll find information to help you be a great volunteer and make the most of your time with Finally Home.

Volunteering Basics

The type of work you do at Finally Home Horse Rescue will be determined by both your individual abilities and the current needs at the Barn.  We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and experience levels. Your skills will be assessed over time and we will allow you to take on additional responsibilities as you progress and feel comfortable around the horses.

Expect that in your first 3-6 months you primarily will be performing Barn chores and helping with other activities that may not involve working directly with horses.  There will be opportunities in regular training clinicis for you to be introduced to working with horses and have your skills assessed. 

Time Commitment

We ask for a minimum 3-month commitment, with at least one session of 2-3 hours per week. In addition to your regularly scheduled hours, volunteers are requested to participate in the following events.

Volunteer Events

These meetings typically last 1-3 hours. Check the calendar for upcoming meetings.

  • New Volunteer Orientation:  New volunteers need to attend an orientation.  They are offered monthly, or as needed, to help new volunteers prepare to work with FHHR
  • Semi-Annual Volunteer Meetings:  used to communicate new information and scheduled events; an opportunity for volunteers to discuss/provide feedback for improvement.
  • Assessment / Supervised Clinics:  working/training in a group to learn new skills needed to help rehabilitate horses; typically weekly.

Work Parties

  • Plan to attend at least 1 work party per 3-month commitment (4 times a year). 
  • Work parties typically last from 10 am to 3 pm, with lunch provided.
  • Feel free to invite your friends! This is a great way for people to experience volunteering at the barn without the long-term commitment.
  • When weather and schedules permit, we try to enable visitors and family to interact with the horses after the work is completed.
  • General schedule is posted on the site:  Work Parties