Name: Spade

Breed: Paint

Born:  2001

Status:   Currently on a Full Care Lease - will be Available when Lease is up

About Spade:

Spade came to Finally Home in a roundabout way, but ultimately his owner could not afford to care for him anymore.  He’s struggled with his health, due to sarcoid cancer tumors in his ears, but has been doing very well in his training.  His favorite thing to do is roll and get as muddy as possible – especially after having a bath.  He’s a bit like “Pig Pen” from the Charlie Brown series, with dust spinning around him all the time.

Spade is a solid lesson horse and is so kind and gentle with newbies.  He is the go-to horse for Kim and would only go to a good home.

In November 2016, Spade attended the Buck Brannaman horsemanship clinic and learned so much.  He is calm and dependable and travelled well. He responds well to the leg and is attentive and reliable with groundwork. He is a great, sweet horse.