Name: Rhett

Breed: Tennessee Walker Horse

Height: 17.0hh

Status: Deceased, August 15, 2016

About Rhett:

Our big, tall Tennessee Walker was an instant favorite of everyone who met him. He came to Finally Home with a number of health issues, from Cushings to severe laminitis. But after many months of working to heal his feet and the help of special shoes, he was soon moving well again.   The Cushings took a toll on his body.  After adjusting his diet and a focus on nutrition, we were hopeful for a long-term recovery for Rhett. He had improved so much that he was well enough to participate in our 4-H club where he was happily learning how to do showmanship, trial, and riding with his 4-H-er.  He was a favorite with the volunteer staff as well and was always a pleasure in clinics and lessons.  He was a consummate professional, never misbehaving or causing drama of any kind, always reliable and gentle.

We were shocked on the morning of August 15, 2016 when we found our gentle giant in his stall, unable to get up on his own. When we were able to get him up, it was clear that he could not put any weight on his back foot and could not walk. The vet examined him and confirmed he had broken his hip and there was nothing we could do to help him. We did not want to prolong his pain, so we made the tough decision to let him go peacefully.

Upon learning of his passing, Finally Home volunteers shared their grief, speaking of his kindness, gentleness.  He was a favorite to ride, with is awesome, graceful gait. "I felt like I was gliding more than riding!" one volunteer remembered.

Rhett, you were a true gentleman, a noble soul... and you will be dearly missed.