Name: Rex (Jockey Club Registered Name: Esping Rex)

Breed: Thoroughbred

Born:  5/9/1988

Height: 15.3hh

Status:  Retired - Sanctuary with Finally Home Horse Rescue

Rex's Story:

Esping Rex began his life as an unsuccessful racehorse in the early 1990's. He only raced three times and never showed. This sweet old guy is really just looking for a nice place to retire and enjoy the love of his very own human. Rex is enjoying retirement at Finally Home as the grand-daddy of the herd and is making great strides in improving his health.

When he came to us, he had some serious health issues and had dropped his weight significantly.  We've spent the last several months working on his nutrition and searching for answers with his medical care. We are pleased that the adjustments to his medications have really helped Rex out. He has grown back to an appropriate weight, his coat is looking great, and he's looking and acting like a much younger horse!

Rex is doing well in his training, learns quickly and seems to just love children.  His new best friend is his turnout mate Daisy, one of our other senior citizens.  Rex is a gentle, sweet horse, but his age has been showing lately.  While his health was improving over the summer, winter can be hard on him.  He was officially retired in September 2016. He continues to be receive love and grooming and easy exercise from volunteers.