Name: Penny

Breed: Quarter Horse Type, Unregistered/Grade

Born:  2008

Height: 15.0hh

Status: In training/rehabilitation, Available for adoption as a project/companion (not ridable at this time)

Penny's Story:

Penny was the first horse we chose at Finally Home.  As we walked around the feed lot, overwhelmed, looking at the many horses needing homes, we met Penny, as she stood alone.  She immediately started following us around, cautiously at first...  and then without hesitation, she became our pocket pony.  We say we chose her, but in truth, she chose us.  She decided that no matter what, she was coming home with us.

Penny did quite well from a health standpoint in those early months - until she started to develop a small bump right next to her eye.  After it was removed, it became severely infected, putting her in quarantine for many months.  Then, after the infection finally healed, the bump came back with a vengeance - a sarcoid tumor...cancer.  Once again, she went back into surgery, this time the sarcoid was twenty times its original size - like two ping pong balls next to each other.  However, she rallied and recovered quite well, while undergoing ongoing cancer treatment from within her tumor (small chemo beads sewn into the tumor's base), and her prognosis is good.

Penny will require consistent training on the ground and has not spent much time under saddle. She has accepted both the bridle and saddle a number of times and enjoys taking things slowly, it's common to hear her snorting at new things in the arena, but she is more and more accepting of new things. Penny had a rough start to life and really just needs someone to call her own and continue her training with kindness and praise. We expect that Penny did not receive much praise from her previous home and so she can get very anxious and nervous if she doesn't understand what you want her to do. Penny is an extremely kind and gentle horse that bonds deeply with the people who spend time with her. She is a quick learner and a very fun horse to work with.

We love Penny and are so hopeful for her future even though her long isolation in quarantine has been difficult on her. She has anxiety and spooking issues that we are working on. She continues to go through training, especially in the areas of trust and getting along with other horses.  After making great progress with groundwork, we discovered that she has issues with her feet and possibly her hips that have impacted her ability to be ridden.  We are assessing her health and examining next steps for her.

Penny is a kind, gentle spirit.  Now that she is getting healthy, she has a beautiful, strong Quarter Horse physique, a sleek shiny coat, and a great personality.  She has become one of our favorite horses for training volunteers on groundwork.  She helps them be precise with their cues and she is eager to please and very alert.  It's hard not to fall in love with her. 

June 2017 update:  Penny is making progress with conditioning - she's an "easy keeper" and is a little overweight after the spring, but she is now willing to let us pick up all four feet, even if one back foot is only for a few seconds. She continues to be a valuable member of our training team and she's learning how to lunge with side reins.  We are hoping that as we get her in better shape and continue her rehab for her feet and back legs that we'll be able to ride her again.  She remains a favorite at the barn.