Name:   JJ

Breed: Paint

Born:  2000

Status:  Available for Adoption with Holly - as a companion / pasture pet (not ridable)

JJ's Story:

JJ came from a home where his owner was in his eighties and had a stroke and had to go straight into a nursing home – his wife (also in her eighties) didn’t know anything about horses.  JJ’s best friend for most of his life was the donkey he lived with – and when JJ came to Finally Home, he was distraught without his donkey.  Fortunately, Holly has been happy to keep him company, and they have been best friends ever since. 

JJ has dealt with lameness and suspensory tendon issues.  He has alternated between stall rest and rehabilitation due to an old ligament injury that never properly healed. We had hoped his lameness could be addressed and took his rehabilitation slow.  Throughout his treatments, he has been calm and easy going, he is polite and eager to please. 

His rehab had been going well until November 2016, but the winter was hard on JJ.  His old injuries have resurfaced and the vets believe he may not be able to be ridden again.  Stall rest has been hard on him, but we are working to keep him comfortable.  We continue to monitor his condition and hope that he will at least be able to be a happy pasture pet for the right home.

JJ and Holly are quite herd bound and we would prefer for them to be adopted as a pair.