Name: Zoe

Breed: Appendix

Born:  2009

Status:  In Training, Available for adoption as a project to the right home

Zoe's Story:

Zoe’s owner was a former boarder at our facility – she had a sudden life change, that made it very difficult for her to continue to care for Zoe.  So, Zoe joined the Finally Home family.  She is a beautiful and spirited horse, who has had trouble respecting her rider’s space and she has been prone to frustration, including bucking and kicking.  She does not trust easily and is sensitive.

She continues in her training, with the goal to address these issues so that she can be safely adopted into a forever home.  She is benefiting from having a consistent set of people working with her and she is becoming more friendly and outgoing. 

She has had medical conditions that impact her behavior, including ulcers and problems with sensitivity in her back. With medical care and consistent interaction with dedicated volunteers, she made improvements in her attitude and training..  In October 2016, we started being able to ride her again.  Her groundwork has come along and her personality is much more respectful and willing. 

April 2017 update:  We have been experimenting with medications for her stomach issues to find something reliable for her.  Zoe continues to work with our trainers and is making progress.  She is also becoming more friendly while in her stall, hanging her head out of her door to greet visitors.

June 2017 update:  What amazing progress Zoe is making!  With a dedicated volunteer, Zoe has made great strides with trust.  She is calming down and is more at ease with groundwork.  She knows a lot and seems so happy to have a job.  We're working on building up her endurance and continuing her education.  We're so proud of her!