Name:  Moya

Breed: Quarter Horse

Born:  1988

Status: Available for adoption

Moya's Story:

Moya and Belle came together from a family who had many horses, hoping to pasture feed them (and not have to buy hay).  However, they didn’t have enough pasture to make it through the winter – because their horses were all getting a bit skinny, they needed to find a home for Belle and Moya. 

Moya is the old lady of the herd, but you would never know it.  She is doing well in training, with both groundwork and riding and has become one of our 4-H horses.  She is not large, which makes her a great horse to work with kids and beginners. She rides both English and Western.  She's smart and capable.  She does have issues with being herd bound to her friends at the barn, but we are working with her to get her more calm.  She has been participating in 4-H events, and is dealing better with anxiety and herd bound behavior.  We are working on her confidence and she's coming along. 

Moya has been a steady member of the Finally Home training staff since she joined us.  In February 2017, we've started to notice she is slowing down a bit as she inches closer to 30 years old.  We have reduced her load, but still work with her to maintain her manners and get her some exercise.  Our focus is on making her final days here as comfortable and happy as we can.  She is an amazing lady and would be a great companion to another horse.