Are you looking to help! But can't adopt a horse?

Here at Finally Home Horse Rescue, our goal is to save horses from slaughter or difficult economic situations.  Some come with significant medical challenges and need either surgery or on-going medical attention.  Others have serious issues with their feet that need attention - either due to lameness, founder, or other foot issues.  Many horses come from situations where they spent weeks, months and even years learning not to trust people. These horses need patient, careful training to regain that trust over time. 

By making a donation you are helping us help them! Every donation counts and makes a difference!

Finally Home Horse Rescue is an approved 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax deductible.  If your employer offers a matching program, let us know and we can ensure that your donation goes even further. 

Check out the Fundraising Events page for other ways to help, such as attending a Dine Out dinner or auction.