Name:  Kennedy Rose

Breed:  Paint

Born:  2013

Status: In Training, Available for adoption as a project to the right home

Kennedy Rose's Story:

Kennedy Rose comes to Finally Home at only four years old, but she has already had a difficult time with various medical conditions.  She was born with club feet, a genetic condition that has continued to impact the health of her feet as she has grown, resulting in bouts of lameness.  She lived in Utah and then Idaho.  Her most recent owners were moving to the east coast and could not take her with them.  As the day of their move loomed, they were running out of options and were considering putting her down.  When we learned about her, we collaborated with our vets who thought she had a chance for a good life, so we stepped in to help.

Kennedy has arthritis at such an early age and a medical condition that will require her to have yearly injections, but with good medical care we are hopeful that she can lead a full life. She is starting to get used to her new surroundings at the barn and we are working on getting her healthy and assessing her situation. She is a sweet and easy going mare and we are starting to see a playful personality come out of her.  In December she started with trust training and she is catching on with some groundwork.

As of February 2017, Kennedy has been making great strides in training and we've even started gentle riding.  She's been great under saddle with no signs of lameness.  She is settling in and seems to be having fun.  She's a very tall and she is finally filling out, making progress with her weight.  She's a great girl.

April 2017 update:  Kennedy continues to build trust and her sweet personality is coming through.  She continues to do well under saddle.  We are working on her stamina and continuing training.  She does have issues with her feet and she needs work on standing still with farriers. She is not a fan of having her feet worked on, so we will begin additional desensitization to help her out with this.

July 2017 update:  Kennedy has a rough time with lameness in June/July which left her on stall rest for longer than she liked.  With her club feet, her front feet are very sensitive when they get trimmed.  She came to us barefoot, but once her feet have healed we will most likely need special shoes for her to continue her training.