Name:  Jake

Breed:  Appaloosa

Born:  1/15/2001

Status:  Available for adoption

Jake's Story:

Jake and Dakota joined us early on when a young student headed off to college, and their family wanted to send them to new home where they could be more connected with people.  Jake is a tall boy with a big heart. He has no medical issues, but has been in training to tune up his manners.

He likes to be groomed, but then loves to go roll in the mud!  After some dedicated training, he now stands politely for grooming and is doing great with his groundwork.  We've been hard pressed to find things that startle him with his laid back attitude toward life, but he knows how to get moving when it's time to work. He is a big love bug and he sure does loves a good cuddle!

He has been doing well in training and we started riding him in September 201.  Early on he struggled with boundary issues and a short attention span, but he responded well to dedicated training and quickly started showing his potential.

In November 2016, we took Jake to a Buck Brannaman horsemanship clinic and it was amazing!  The transformation Jake went through was incredible.  He was well behaved in the trailer, adjusted to the new surroundings with no drama. He worked hard and paid attention in the clinics.  Now our volunteers ride him regularly and he is leased out for a senior 4-H rider.   He is playful and loving, but willing to work.  He keeps getting better and better and we hope he finds a good loving home in this next year.

In January 2017, Jake came in 9th out of 20+ competitors in his first ever dressage class!  See him here. We are so proud of his progress and look forward to seeing him go to his new forever home soon!

July 2017 update:  a pending adoption fell through, so we are looking for a great home for Jake.  He knows a lot and can be a great horse for a home that can work him regularly.  He can get a bit lazy when he knows he can get away with it.  He's smart and just a great guy.