Name:   Dandy

Breed: Palomino Paint

Height: 15.1hh

Status:  Sanctuary with Finally Home Horse Rescue

Dandy's Story:

Dandy found himself in a precarious position because of a divorce - he spent most of his life turned out to pasture with very limited interaction with people.  When he arrived at Finally Home, his cribbing collar was growing into his head and he had hit his head on the trailer.  We believe his issues are based in pain and have been working to discover the source of the pain or condition that makes him rock from side to side and makes it difficult for him to move freely.  Dandy is also a cribbing horse and requires special attention to break this habit.

Dandy is not currently suitable to be a riding horse and is undergoing physical therapy to better his disposition. After treatment, he makes progress, but it seems he will need regular treatment to advance.  His health remains a concern, but we are hopeful.  He has been responding well to groundwork training and he loves being groomed.  He is now a social, goofy guy and knows a lot of tricks on the line! 

While we were hopeful late 2016, Dandy has struggled to maintain his health.  His mental condition has been worsening and it is believed that he may have a brain injury or a tumor.  His other medical conditions, including the cribbing, continue to make it difficult for him to be comfortable and content.  He still has more good days than bad.  We are closely monitoring his condition and are attempting different approaches to find some relief for him.