Name:   Holly

Breed: Donkey

Born:  2000

Status:  Adoptable as companion to the right home with JJ

Holly's Story:

Holly spent the first 14 years of her life chained in her owner's front yard. They, of course, didn't know any better. But, she's definitely enjoyed having space to run and play and roll in the dirt. She certainly has a loud hee-haw. 

It's interestinghow many horses have never met a donkey - many of them are actually afraid of Holly!  They seem to think she smells different than a horse.  We've even seen horses that won't go near areas arena where her stall is on the other side of the wall.  But, not JJ!  Holly has been so happy to have found a friend in JJ since coming to Finally Home. 

Over the time she has been with us, Holly has become less reserved around people and loves to be groomed! She's even started to learn that she can't just pull people over when she wants to get somewhere!  It's hard not to love her.