Names:  Hattie

Breed: Percheron

Born:  2007

Status: Deceased, March 3, 2016

Hattie's Story:

Hattie & Pearl - "the ladies" - were rescued together from an owner who kept them locked in a barn for most of their lives and used them as brood mares. They were never trained, even to wear a halter. In fact, they had to be herded into the trailer to come with us, and hauled loose. When they first arrived, if anyone tried to get close to them, they would run away. After a few short months, however, they have learned to trust, and now when you call them they come running toward you!  They are sweet, gentle giants.  They love being groomed and are always happy to be met with a treat. 

By the end of 2015, Hattie & Pearl had been going through consistent training and both accepted a saddle and bridle and had begun to prepare for under saddle training and driving work.  It was our dream to team them to drive, however in early 2016 Hattie was diagnosed with stomach cancer - so the focus switching to managing her pain.  Hattie is Pearl's aunt and have been together for all of Pearl's life.  They are very herd bound and we know Pearl will have a rough time when we lose Hattie. As of January 2017, Hattie had exceeded expectations, living well beyond the vet's predictions.  But by the end of February, it became clear that Hattie was having more bad days than good days and her stoic nature could not hide her decline.

It was with a heavy heart that the board of directors decided it was time to let Hattie free from her suffering.  Our attention turned to helping Pearl adjust to living without her aunt.  We are hopeful that young Gryphon will be a good friend to her.

We miss our beautiful gentle giant, but we are grateful that she is now a peace.