Name:   Gryphon

Breed:  Percheron

Born:  4/1/2015

Status: In Rehab and training - Not available for adoption

Gryphon's Story:

Gryphon joined us in the summer of 2016 as a yearling.  When she was born, her mother was hit by lightning and killed – so, she spent her first year as an orphan.  When she arrived at Finally Home, she was terribly afraid of everyone, and not halter broke.  She had to be rounded into and out of the trailer, we couldn't even get close enough to put a halter or lead around her.  For her first few weeks, she wouldn't allow us to touch her and we had to set up boundaries and herd her from her stall into the arena for exercise.

After just a few weeks though, the change was significant - she loves everyone... especially anyone who is willing to give her a good scratch!  She makes the best faces when you find a good spot.  She is now halter broke, and walks nicely from her stall to her turnout.  She is sweet and social ... and visitors to the barn fall instantly in love with her as she hangs her huge head out of her stall door for some kisses.  She nickers softly to say hi as people walk by.

Our hope is that she will be able to ease the pain of Hattie’s passing for Pearl, when the time comes.  In addition to needing training, Gryphon has some health issues.  With good feed and care, her coat is finally improving and she is less itchy, but still always happy with grooming and someone who will scratch her.  Her biggest issue, though is that she has OCD lesions on her hocks and stifles (similar to cartilage tears in humans) and needs to have surgery to repair them – we’re fund-raising for the costs of the surgery (expected to be approx. $4000).  Please consider donating something to help this sweet baby out.

In September 2016, Gryphon started responding to some basic groundwork and has started sending. She is learning to back up and be more respectful of space.  Her joints still cause her a great deal of discomfort and we're hoping she'll be healthy enough to have the needed surgery soon.