Name:  Butterscotch

Breed:  Mini Horse

Born:  2008

Status: ADOPTED!  July 2017

Butterscotch's Story:

Butterscotch lived on a farm with a number of other horses before coming to Finally Home. Her owner fell ill and had to downsize and rehome many of the horses on the property.  She is a sweet little lady and we originally thought she was pregnant by a mini donkey... turns out she was just super chubby!

Butterscotch has started training and is working on manners. She has come a long way and her weight is stabilizing.  She's been responding well to training and we've been working on her little horse attitude.  She's strong and smart and loves attention.  She still gets a little nervous with big crowds, but she is coming along nicely.

She did well over the winter and as of early 2017, we have continued to working with Butterscotch on manners and groundwork training and she continues to make progress.  Her feisty attitude has been a challenge, but she is starting to behave in a more respectful way.  She is getting better about barging through gates and standing for grooming. 

April 2017 update:  Butterscotch continues with her training and is becoming quite a nice young lady.  She loves a good romp in the arena with her buddy Peanut.  She's sweet and a pretty easy keeper.

Butterscotch and Peanut have been adopted together by a lovely family.  We are so happy they got to stay together and we are sure they will be loved and cared for.