Name:   Belle

Breed: Quarter Horse

Born:  2005

Status:  ADOPTED! by Kim McClelland, December 2016

Belle's Story:

Belle came to Finally Home with Moya from a family who had many horses, hoping to pasture feed them (and not have to buy hay).  However, they didn’t have enough pasture to make it through the winter – because their horses were all getting a bit skinny, they needed to find a home for Belle and Moya. 

Belle has done well at Finally Home, responding well to training and quickly becoming a successful 4-H horse.  Belle has been ridden in 4H and other events by Grace Meyer, daughter of Finally Home president and co-founder. Belle has really progressed in her training and Grace has been proud to ride her in shows and competitions.  Belle is also a great calming friend to the many rescue horses.

She is ridden both English and western and is a great, smart, hard working horse. She's gentle and patient with children but performs well under a steady hand. 

We are pleased to announce that Belle has been adopted by Kim McClelland of Five Star Horsemanship.  Belle will have a great time joining Kim's stable of lesson horses.