Name: Ari

Breed:  Swedish Warmblood

Born:  1/1/1991

Status:  Leased through September 2017, Available for adoption when lease is up

Ari's Story:

Ari was estimated to be about 26 years old when he came to Finally Home in the summer of 2016.  He has spent time in a training facility as a lesson horse.  He is gentle, smart and alert, and had been diagnosed as potentially "neurologic."  His previous owner turned him over to Finally Home to see if we can save him and turn around his condition.  We have had good success with Rex, who suffered from a similar condition and we hoped that we found Ari early enough to help him improve before his condition gets worse.

He is tall and majestic. Despite his medical condition, he still moved well and seemed eager to please.  He has joined our training program in 2016 and has done really well.  He eagerly has been learning groundwork techniques and has been doing great under saddle.  In 2017, Are was leased to a 4-H participant and has been doing so well!  The progress he has made with his health and conditioning have been so encouraging.

Ari remains a rock solid member of the herd.  We use him for lessons for new volunteers because he is so gentle and reliable.  His groundwork continues to improve, although due to his condition and age, we don't have him working in tight circles or doing complicated leg work.  He continues to have a great attitude and is a lovable guy.

As of June of 2017, Ari has been great with both Western and English saddle.  With the build up of his stamina, his neurologic symptoms seem to have disappeared.  He is moving well under saddle and has enjoyed trail rides and shows with his dedicated 4-H participant.  He continues to impress us and is just such an amazing, nice guy.