Adopting a Finally Home Horse

Our goal is to provide our horses with the best chance at being placed in a safe, loving home with caring, responsible owners.  We want each horse to find its FOREVER home!  If you are interested in providing a forever home for one of our horses, please contact for more information.

The process for adopting a horse is as follows:

  1. Read the Finally Home Adoption Policy to understand our adoption policies and determine whether you want to provide a forever home for a rescue horse.
  2. Submit an Adoption Application to  Please answer questions fully and include photos of your where the horse will live, etc., to expedite the process. Our Adoption Coordinator will contact you to discuss your application.
  3. Work with the Adoption Coordinator to schedule a visit to the Finally Home barn to meet the horse.  Feel free to bring the whole family.
  4. If it seems like a good fit, FHHR personnel will conduct a site visit to ensure the new home for the horse meets the adoption requirements defined in our adoption program manual.
  5. Once approved, sign the Adoption Agreement and pay the adoption fee and the horse is yours!

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